Anne Hegerty weight loss: I’m A Celeb star’s jungle transformation

Anne Hegerty weight loss: I’m A Celeb star’s jungle transformation


Anne Hegerty, 60, won herself a legion of fans during her time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, as she showed her funny side to the nation and formed a bond with co-stars including runner-up Emily Atack. Every year the celebrities taking part in the three-week jungle challenge endure physically demanding challenges and a minimal amount of food. While each of the stars dropped the pounds after just a matter of days during the reality show, Anne lost a whopping one stone during her jungle stint, according to The Sun. The contestants are given a basic diet including rice and beans, but The Chase star said she gave up eating the rice on its own as it upset her stomach.

Appearing on This Morning last week, Anne told Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes: “The trouble is really there is no salt.

“About a week ago my digestive system just said to me ‘I’m sorry, I’m not having any more rice. I can have beans, I can have rice and beans but I am having no more rice because it is just going straight through’.

“So since then I’ve not had rice by itself. It just went straight through me.”

The campmates this year, which also included winner Harry Redknapp, John Barrowman and Sair Khan, are said to have lost six stone between them throughout the series.

Anne also spoke about the support of her campmates throughout the three weeks, explaining they stopped her from walking when she first arrived.

She admitted: “I couldn’t possibly have coped without them. I would have walked out the first morning in Snake Rock!

“But they were just so extraordinarily supportive and kept saying, ‘Just give it a few more hours’ and ‘have a spoonful or rice and beans, you’ll feel better’ [they] encouraged me along and to take one step at a time. They were utterly fantastic.

“They said ‘take it easy’, let’s just get through the next few hours’, then ‘let’s just get through the next day, have one more night in here and see how you feel’…and it gradually began to feel like something I could continue to do.”

She revealed she was overwhelmed with the support she received during her time on the show.

Anne said: “I am sort of getting to grips with it. I have been slowly easing myself back into social media.

“My brother was telling me that social media has gone bonkers in a good way.”

She added: “I’ve learnt that either I can get along with people better than I thought I could or more probably it was an exceptionally nice year full of lovely people.

“Am I glad I did it? Yes, I am. I’m glad to have done it. It’s been an extraordinary experience and a learning curve, but most importantly I’ve made ten fantastic friends.”

Anne also struck up a friendship with co-star and former Inbetweeners actress Emily Atack, who went on to finish second place in the series.

In one hilarious exchange nearer the start of the series, Emily complimented Anne on her ample chest.

Watching her co-star bathe 28-year-old Emily observed: “You’ve got great boobs Anne.”

“Thank you but they have no muscle tone whatsoever which is why I need the heavy engineering bra,” Anne revealed. “As long as they are in the water my boobs look more impressive. The water enables them to float a bit.”


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