Authorities provide an update on a shooting incident in Aurora, Illinois that left multiple injur…

Authorities provide an update on a shooting incident in Aurora, Illinois that left multiple injur…


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  1. GREG W

    Q said this would happen and here we go! Every time the deep state loses' they release one of their sleeper cells / mind control assets to kill innocent people!! They think they'll making the people suffer because they're being exposed and rounded up, but in the end this is all going to come our like it has already started to. How many quincidences before people realize their isa war going on behind the scenes and WE are the prize! They'll do anything they can to keep their power..!!! They know they've lost and yet still they sacrifice innocent people to make a point! No wonder they all of the sudden passed the lynching law as a federal offense! You mean to tell me it's ok to lynch blacks for over 400 years and now that you know the people are about to find out who's really behind the sickness the world has had to endure over the last 100+ years you want to pass a bill that makes the very justified response of lynching a confirmed traitor to his or her country a federal crime! To add insult to injury you use the black community and your scape goat as the reasoning for the bill???? REALY! You all are terrified and you should be, because all of the pain and suffering you took money for, caused, or looked the other way from is coming for you!!

  2. Pete Sachs

    It’s a terrible tragedy, thank God he didn’t use a rifle because our governor would’ve probably banned those. I sure as hell did not vote for him. He’s the guy wants to take away your Assault rifles, I did not know I had an assault rifle maybe like an Assault golf club. This would have never ever happened if you can just carry your concealed carry pistol at work. But the government and the Democrats want to just block you from carrying at work. With stupid no gun zone signs. Like that’s gonna work. It just turns into a shape.

  3. Maikl TRITON

    Fulfilling the orders of the United States, the President of Ukraine has already killed 230 children in the Donbas …. The number of adults killed is more than 12,000. Therefore, my condolences to the Americans will not be ….

  4. gektor ps

    The quality of work are hard to check.Killer Solonik checked.15 dead cops.Killer will live.Meeting the spec.the killers changed their prognosis.One meeting in a million.Prestopnik died.Police officer Cucumbers.Met the assassins killed the family he is.One meeting in a million.Cucumbers will be to live healthy. Citizens believe. Police don't care.The damage is more than 1 million rubles.

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