Migrant caravan arrives in Tijuana, Mexico

Migrant caravan arrives in Tijuana, Mexico

Several busloads of mostly Central American migrants traveling in a caravan arrived to Tijuana, Mexico.


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  1. david bates

    Litter and excrement on the grass, CHECK. Drunks, CHECK. Smoking drugs, CHECK. Cell-phone, CHECK. Taunting border officials, CHECK. Claims to be a refugee, CHECK. Liar, CHECK. Please come in, we have been waiting for you.

  2. Robin Murray

    CRY ME A RIVER ALREADY! Funny how pathetic women and children are featured first thing off. Wanna report how many of them are now missing from the cartel gangs snagging em? How about the Honduran men,that just last night, got into a women and childrens shelter and gang raped a young Honduran girl! You people are NOT getting your news straight and playing propaganda! HOW ABOUT GETTING REAL NEWS FOR INDEPENDENT MEXICAN REPORTERS! It's 90% men in those caravans and even infiltrators in the caravan are finding men the Glocks and M14 weapons. Desert area is currently being blasted between borders with explosives to reveal and collapse tunnels! USA TODAY….GET WITH IT AND GET YOUR REPORTS FROM PEOPLE ON THE GROUND WITH ACTUAL CURRENT TIME VIDEO!!!!!! I have very close military friends there now and they are calling me like crazy with what's going on! Stop playing your 'Sympathy Card' and get damn REAL!!!!

  3. Henry Townshed

    Why doesn't Mexico take them or France or China. Why is it American citizens responsibility to pay cloth and feed the rest of the world? I don't see the mainstream media donating their paychecks to give to the migrants. 1965 Immigration Act ruined America. I can't wait to see American 30 years I'll be long f**** gone. I won't be in this country because I have dual citizenship good luck the rest of you

  4. earth walker

    Why does this whole situation remind me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Honduras too hard Mexico too soft aahhh America just right. This is b***** I don't like people barging into my house without knocking first. All that energy spent walking for months could have been directed towards stopping the crime in your country and fighting to make it better South and Central America are beautiful lands I think Worth Fighting For which makes you look weak and selfish. PS…. I wouldn't be so quick to bite the hand that is feeding you, you may be there awhile.(mexico)

  5. Duane Bettger

    Where ever they go they leave trash… it's how they've lived, how they think, how they treat others, and eventually what they are. This is how they learned and grew up in their own country. To say this is sad but it's the truth. Where ever they have been they have trashed the place. This is how they've lived… anyone that can't see it, they are blind and stupid.

  6. Kay Kay

    This is what you show instead of the Tijuana people and their MAYOR – PROTESTING the ILLEGALS? And YES, this "caravan" is full of illegals in Mexico – they ALL broke through INTERNATIONAL BORDERS. They are CRIMINALS by every definition.

  7. marineforlife mclean

    I hope Trump shuts the border right down..these people need to get it through their heads they're not getting in…also, Mexico didn't stop them at THEIR southern border because they thought we were going to accept them…ironic how Mexico is now pissed off because people from another country illegally entered theirs…

  8. Jamie Gracias

    Mexico is responsible to settle these migrants in Mexico not U.S. or other international countries. Why? Because, Mexico did not consult with U.S., Canada, Australia, and other international countries whether international countries would accept these migrants. Mexico has opened its border and welcomed these migrants. Mr. President Trump needs to frozen or slow processing Visas of immigrants to reunite with their families in U.S. from South Central America, before Mexico solves the problem of these migrants still in Mexico.

  9. Te Le

    Fake New USA Today is showing only women and children. Ami Horowitz who is a journalist that actually went there reported 95% of the people in Caravan are single men. 100's of Pueblo Sin Fronterras members are organizing them, supplying food, transportation and medical treatments as well as teaching them what to say to the border agents to get admitted as asylum seekers. The real cause of this whole madness is Pueblo Sin Fronterras which is funded by Soros's Open border society. They need to stop these NGO's from operating in these third world countries. These NGO's are behind most of the migrant crisis in the world. We should band the NGO's just like what Hungary did.

  10. john doe

    The simple fact they don't speak English is enough to destabilize this great country. Their true intentions are to send money back home, using Western Union. They could careless about America, it's all about extorting the US tax payer, and invading a nation who has wealth. They have clean cloths and cell phones, loop holes that allow these people to stay here is a national security risk of the highest level. It's not just an Invasion, but an Invasion with the motive for Extortion, and potential criminal activity. Not to mention once they get on US soil they buy stolen Social Security Numbers and stolen identities. Such a Disgrace.

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