Migrants traveling in caravan grows to 10,000

Migrants traveling in caravan grows to 10,000

The mass exodus of migrants from Honduras and other Central American countries traveling in a caravan has swelled to 10,000 people.

But the caravan is still at least 1,000 miles away from the nearest border city in the U.S. and it could take a month or longer before the migrants achieve their goal of reaching the United States, said Alex Mensing, a U.S.-based organizer with the group Pubelo Sin Fronteras, which is providing humanitarian assistance.

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  1. Mr. King Kitty

    These nations are absolutely awful. In Honduras, you can get away with murder with a $30 bribe. The cartels and the government are the same thing. Any new wealth is quickly snatched up by the crony capitalist establishment. But this type of exodus cannot be allowed to continue the way it currently is. Who is a criminal? Who has HIV? Who is only migrating to mooch off our charity? This is going to be a nightmare.

  2. David Echeverri

    Another leftie fake reporting with the same sneaky tactic used in europe: shots of kids and babies suffering to make everybody think this is a caravan of innocent toddlers and babies? The trick doesn’t work anymore, This clip is a joke

  3. Mr. King Kitty

    The reasons Liberals use to argue for open borders are moot. We already have legal pathways for refugees and high performance individuals. Most Latinos simply do not meet the requirements. We should modify immigration laws instead of leaving the borders wide open. The Liberals are trying to get more votes in an incredibly irresponsible manner

  4. Michio McConnell

    Why do libs have base emotional reaction to "children" but then having territory violated doesn't invoke any base reaction? Thinking "children" (people under age 18) are a special resource is irrational given world population and the lack of shortage of children. So, if it's just simple biological emotional, you might expect a reaction to our territory violated, in the same way a lion would react to that in a David Attenborough presentation. The point is, both are "primitive" reactions but libs only react with the former. I suspect it's proof that Dems don't see American as "their" piece of land.

  5. 1776

    No wonder the democrats didnt want a wall built, this is their option 2 to saving the midterms. You people will be voted out, this country has had enough of you people lying to us and making us fight with each other, only to air it on your networks for $$, publicise it and divide us further. The day we realize that left and right is simply life path selection, the left hand or the right hand and unite in knowing we are one in God will we crush the shadow government, and the authoritarian regime in the United States that is crushing it from the inside out. United in love we will litterally transcend realities as a RACE OF PEOPLE and become every thing we strive to be, not the controlled mindless robots they want us to be!!!!!!!!

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