Mike Pence to March for Life crowd: ‘We stand for compassion’

Mike Pence to March for Life crowd: ‘We stand for compassion’

Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise visit to the 46th Annual March of Life in Washington D.C.

Thousands of anti-abortion activists, including many young people bundled up against the cold weather gripping the nation’s capital, gathered at a stage on the National Mall Friday for their annual march in the long-contentious debate over abortion.

Signs reading “Choose love, Choose life,” “I am the pro-life generation,” and “Defund Planned Parenthood” dotted the crowd gathering under hazy, wintry skies at the morning rally.

Like last year, President Donald Trump addressed the group by video. He promised to veto any bill that “weakens the protection of human life.”

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  1. MZ. TING

    These fuckers andthink they can come in and just overturn our Constitution and laws etablished to ensure democracy and the government? And our present representatives are a shameful lot for allowing enemies of the state to do this. It is not paranoia to begin to plan for the worse. Day by day is proving that we as American citizens have to prepare and protect our selves. It's that serious. Meanwhile the degenerate bastard is guaranteed to be protected from the devastation resulting from his mission of destruction. I hope, if the worse happens, he and his minions run for the "presidential bunker and find the door locked denying he and them entrance. 😝

  2. Brodha Sattva

    Mexican and latin American refugees are also "marching for life" when they walk to America. Wheres your compassion then

    And what is it with Conservatives referencing the Founders? Oh you mean the slave masters? For sure. Makes sense.

  3. James Taylor

    Right to life my ass that’s only if you’re a fetus if You are an adult or child or infant and not American you are
    fair game the religious people along with the fake politicians will make it out as some grand wonderful gesture that we’ve killed millions around the world Thou shall not kill Is not followed by unless

  4. Chris Quinn

    Hatred has blinded so many. These comments are absolutely disgusting. Pick a side and hate the other. Be in this group and hate the other. Think this way and hate the other. You have to have enough respect for eachother to have a conversation if not you just as well be talking to a rock. A waist of time.

  5. NP

    Why do they always have to bring in religion. I’m an atheist and disagree witn this whole “endowed by our creator” bullshit. How come we’ve come so far put some gullible people still believe in false things like God. Don’t @ me.

  6. Carlos Jaramillo

    Be wary of those who profess piety for they most likely would kill you if not for the laws of man deterring them. Look at theocratic nations and see that those who base their laws on the word of "god" have no compunction of the murder of the nonbeliever or the "blasphemer".

  7. Bec Thumma

    If ALL YOU CHRISTIANS would call about the baby ONCE it's born, but you don't, you forget all about it. Mike Pence doesn't care that 800,000 people are slaving for the government with no pay but he wants to talk women into giving birth to one more child they can't afford to feed but Pence is no where around once the child is born. Idiots and asses.

  8. RandomPerson

    This sounds messy.. circumstantial rather… Just think about it for a minute.. So you say “OhYeah” but what if you say “NoWay” ?? Just a thought process I thought to share… 5-10steps ahead of your own thought leads to alternative results .. 🤔🤫

  9. Squid SQuiddly

    The only life that evangelical Q-tip from Hell wants to save are the ones he feels are still malleable to his will. He wants the lives he can twist/control.
    I wonder what he would say to a child forced to be born by pro-lifers that lives long enough to have an abortion of their own? Was it worth it then Pence? OR as I said are you not in this for LIFE, but instead what YOU can do with those lives…

  10. T. Lone Beagle

    Hope there's no Christians, Jews or Muslims in the crowd. In other words, folks who worship the God of Abraham, who performed the single biggest act of pregnancy termination known to history in Genesis 7 (along with the genocide of every human being on Earth except for Noah's immediate family). Having a Christian, Jew or Muslim say they're "pro life" is the biggest hypocrisy I've ever heard.

  11. Joe Fulmer

    This is NOT America! Christian beliefs do NOT override civil rights. It's no coincidence that the attacks of Roe V Wade are heating up now that they believe they have stacked the SCOTUS. America is in deep moral peril because of the so-called Christians.

  12. Isaac Willis

    You stand for your next high calorie snack you filthy capitalist pigs. Talk to someone else about how much you lazy sacks of shit care about children. We see what you slobs feed your kids. Bow down to your fast food God and this closeted, fat piece of shit like the good slaves you are bred to be! Shovel in another mouthful of sugar, saturated fat and alcohol and get back to work! Your overlords need more stuff.

  13. satyr1968

    So using the stet to deprive a woman of sovereignty over her own body is "compassion". Wow. The power of doublethink (or religious think). Unfortunately putting your support behind Herod there in the WH kind of damages your credibility a little when it comes to "compassion".

  14. Joseph Wisgirda

    Pro-Life means until the baby is born. As soon as that happens it's just another lib turd snowflake wanting Free Stuff. Hey, #2 Dump and his wacky sidekick Stephen Miller have a solution!
    Cages and tear gas for the lot of them. Who cares if the wee ones die in custody.
    More like Pro-Birth.

  15. mahogma66

    Psssst. Hey Mike, how about all those kids you've got locked away in cages down on the border? You forgot all about those already, Mike? How convenient. You still pretending to be a Christian, Mike? What would Jesus Do, Mike?

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