New York meteorologist fired after saying racial slur on air

New York meteorologist fired after saying racial slur on air

WHEC meteorologist Jeremy Kappell was fired after it appeared he used a racial slur during his forecast. During a weather forecast on Friday which showed a live shot of the city’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Jeremy Kappell appeared to refer to it as “Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park.”

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  1. Tacoma M.

    As a black man i am very disappointed in other black folks for making a big deal out of this and once again acting like victims of an imaginary hate crime. I've been on this planet 66 years and my race has never held me back. Racism barely even exists today compared to when I was coming up. This man did not wake up and decide to throw away his career so he could say something racist on air. It's absolutely ludicrous that anyone would even believe this. How that station could fire him over this is beyond me. Give this man his job back and apologize to him.

  2. Not Yours

    Try in a few days. YouTube is full of liberal BS. They air only what they want you to see.
    Saying that, the word he used is pretty rough. There is always going to be a slip of the tongue, but if you're live on the air, all the more reason to be extra cautious. If the station stands by their firing of the guy, then the techs behind the
    7-second delay need to go as well.

  3. j4f53718

    Ehhh…honestly, it kind of did sound like it was a slip of the tongue. He immediately "corrected" what he said from the 7 second video that I heard. Would like to see the entire segment but from what I heard thus far, not much there to warrant the end result he faced.

  4. PlaySauce

    Please either spread this message around (you have my permission), or put your own take on it and do the same. But this man has lost his job after a phony, rapid "investigation", and it's disingenuous headlines like USA TODAY's that played a big part in that. Headline: "…fired after saying racial slur" Video description: "…fired after it appeared he used a racial slur"

    It CANNOT be said that one has used a racial slur unless there is either INTENT or no other reasonable explanation, especially when dealing with a single syllable. If I said "raccoon" talking about animals, I have "used a racial slur" to the same extent Jeremy did here, because, like him, I had ZERO intent and there is a far more reasonable explanation for why I spoke that syllable. As Jeremy continues to point out on Twitter, this is far from the first time this EXACT SAME FLUB has occurred in broadcasting, due to how common MLK Jr (streets, parks, Day) is in broadcasting. It is apparently called a "spoonerism," and we think nothing of it the other 99% of the time. Look, it's the most unfortunate "spoonerism" one could possibly make, and that's going to perk people's ears up. But there is absolutely no evidence this was intentional. That assertion defies logic. The other assertion, that "it must have been in his heart / on his mind" is not supported by any known, published facts about this man's beliefs or his politics, and is just an absurd basis for slandering someone to begin with when there is a far more rational explanation.

    There are at least two major publications, USA TODAY (where my sister works; I've nothing against them) being one of them, that are using defamatory headlines like this not supported by the facts. In a world filled with resurgent racism it is understandable, even noble, that many of us are vigilant on this subject. But this here is madness, not vigilance.

  5. kycowboys

    About 30 years ago at a Wednesday night prayer service at my church, in front of about 200 people, I was telling a children's story about 5 children who were sent to a well with 5 empty buckets to fetch water for their mothers. The 5 buckets each had a hole in different places, some close to the top, some in the middle and some at the bottom. When the buckets were drawn all were full but most lost water on their way back home. When I got to the "5 children drew 5 full buckets" part…well, move some of the letters around and you can imagine what came out of my mouth. First there were multiple, very audible gasps. Then, the congregation roared with laughter. Red-faced and sweating bullets, I quickly corrected myself and went on with the story. Afterward I had never been hugged so much in my life and to this day have never lived it down. It happens.

  6. Frank Doria

    Here we go again ! So while we're at it, how 'bout they fire Don Lemon now for his racist rant live on air toward white people ? …………and the double standards continue and go on and on and on ! So are the trying to redefine the word racism now ?

  7. Marc Nix

    I 100% guarantee he wouldn't have been fired if he wasn't a white male. Even a white female would've gotten the benefit of the doubt. Social media has turned into an embarrassing, logic dodging, witch hunt.

  8. Ask Me

    When it comes to defending racism, white supremacist trolls become linguistic professionals lol

    The amount of different tongue twisting excuses I've seen is hilarious. He's racist and he's fired. Good riddance. He'll probably be on "faux" news any day now. Go watch him over there

  9. Brenda Hamilton

    just another double standard in this country right now, a white guy gets fired immediately for "allegedly" making a comment, but oh the new senator lady can call our President a HORRIBLE name and that is just all right. is that because she's of foreign decent???? she needs to be fired.

  10. lazerith840

    This is bullshit, no comment says this guy was racist. Every comment I see is people explaining how this is possible. You even have someone claiming to be a linguist explaining how king, an junior, can be jumbled together to make that sound. This guys life was seriously effected for what could be a actual mistake. And honestly it looks more like social media is taking his side over news agency, so where is the social media backlash.

  11. Michelle Hunter

    Good god how anybody could think thats intentional. The man immediately corrected himself as well, and is probably reading off of a scrolling teleprompter. I can't beleive this man thought to himself I am going to risk my job and well being to slip in a slur for ALL to hear.

  12. Juan Trevino

    Another racist craw fishing and not owning up to being a racist. The real truth is that thats what he calls MLK when he is out with his close friend's.
    Its not a slip of the tongue as some try to defend him with. A slip of the tongue for you out there that dont know, is when you say for instance " hurle" when you mean "girl" not saying "coon" when you mean Martin Luther King, dont insult our intelligence with that poor excuse. Its not like he is the only racist that has come out recently.
    Ever since the 300 lb orange sack of shit got elected, oopps sorry, i mean Trump, i had a slip of the tongue too, im sure you understand.

  13. Adam Smith

    I recall an instance I was working with a military lawyer, and he on a recorded voicemail accidentally said "Purple Whore" instead of "Purple Heart". It was unintentional, and he simply corrected himself.

  14. Dboy321 Razo

    Pathetic that the mayor and all the other people had to immediately make a huge racist issue out of this. Who’s going to say that on purpose and lose a job you’ve had for many years? Do people have no sense of discernment?

  15. General Grievous Jr.

    People think ahead of what their saying and I think the junior sound (june) unfortunately came out early and mixed with "king". Mix june and king and there you have it. Think about the sounds of the syllables being used here, seems like an honest mistake. I have noticed it has happened 3 other times before. Just search it on YouTube. Sort of like a dyslexia mix up but with sounds. It happens all the time.

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