Pennsylvania Governor reacts to shooting: ‘This is not who we are’

Pennsylvania Governor reacts to shooting: ‘This is not who we are’

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf expressed condolences for the lives lost in the shooting at a synagogue today. Police confirm at least 10 people were killed.


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  1. Claudy TheArtist

    Trump’s announcement he is a “Nationalist” was anti Semitic and anti African American… We know here in the Deep South exactly what Trump meant and what he was doing… We have heard it many times before going all the way back to the Civil War… Of course, when the President of the United States encourages violence against his opponents, violence dramatically increases… The fish rots from the head…

  2. Sovereign Life

    If one wants to understand what pain is motivating such horrific actions please watch the Youtube video titled "Understanding School Shooters" by Teal Swan. It lays out what motivates people to hurt others in their own towns and countries

  3. CyberWolfie

    Depressingly ironic that another shooting considered a possible hate crime occurred just this past Wednesday with two dead.
    What is this, one maniac causes a shooting trigger more mentally ill to shoot people? This world, in all of its events, isn't making much sense right now. We can only move forward and progress from these events, hopefully, prevent more from occurring in the

  4. Diamonds2Diamonds

    Endtimes!!!!! And tjings will get worse than ever before. Do you know Him as Lord and Savior? Jesus Christ loves you all & Jesus Christ is coming soon Repent before its too late.time is short safety in God alone accept Him today tomorrow isn't promise to any of us.

  5. Qian Chen

    Freedom is given by God instead of human. The US constitution is thought to be from God, so someone who are not follower of Jesus will do something evil by acquiring freedom as well. We were created equally, so we should treat every life equally. When we are innocent, we are under evils’ threat. So, stop gun sales! American interests are the core of too many non real Christian

  6. MyName

    Ironic because America has been at war since it's inception… War is promoted all over TV and movies daily that all ages of life watch and witness.. Want to end violence start with the Militaries of the world… Or the weapons manufacturers

  7. Clarence Mitchell

    How can this be:
    Genesis 10:3 Ashkenaz is not from the line of Shem and Abraham.
    1948 False flag. See what is supposed to happen when the children of Israel return to the land in the scriptures.
    Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
    Review Benjamin Freedman's lecture on YouTube.
    Review what the scriptures say about "white" skin, Exodus 4: 6
    Review what the scriptures say about "white" skin Numbers 12:10
    Review what the scriptures say in Revelations 2:9
    Review what the scriptures say in Revelations 3:9
    Review The Thirteenth Tribe, Arthur Khoesler
    See what Yahuah said about discarding Israel, Jeremiah 31:35-37.
    The whole world is following after this lie. Christians did not replace Yahuah's black children of Abraham.
    Nations who are choosing to remain silent in this issue are already judged and will follow the way of the Edomites, Ammonites,
    and the Moabites and the other nations who are a United Nations, suppressing and hiding and denying the real identity of the
    Hebrews – See Psalms 83.

  8. Gentry Harms

    I am growing so tired of one side or the other (although truthfully, mostly the left) assigning blame to the opposition for the actions of one person. We hear #NotAll when a Muslim blows people up or mows them down in a truck, yet all gun owners and advocates are blamed when this happens. When did people become so partisan and hateful that they would call for incivility and harassment and then blame the opposition when they get their wish?

    This man was nuts. Period. Attempting to assign a political motive when one clearly has not been proven makes you part of the problem that are spawning these assholes.

  9. Whip Lash

    Thats a lie . This is what America is all about . Violence is Americans culture . Nobody in this world are obsessed more about guns than white America . Nobody . No countries in the world are so obessed to create and go to war than white America . When u see their hollywood movies is all about guns , sex & violence . When they play video games its all about the same guns , killing & murdering . So they pretty much live and breath thru killing culture society . Just be careful when u see a bored white people thats when they are damgerous . They either drop the bombs in another countries or commit genocide locally . Ask the native Indian they know this thing first hand . U been warned .

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