Police believe they’ve found bodies of pregnant wife, two daughters

Police believe they’ve found bodies of pregnant wife, two daughters

Chris Watts is accused of killing his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their two young daughters. The three had been reported missing.


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  1. Mark Schultz

    Why is it when an american white male kills someone – in this case his own family – nobody questions why? What is going through his head? Does america have something that these sick people can fall on if they are distressed? What do these americans eat which makes them want to kill and then they blame it on spirits and magic? Is their a way out? Sick Sick Sick of hearing these awful stories? Americans need help. Or is it just me?

  2. TerriD D

    Guess you just never know. They seemed to have it all, but he cheated, lost his job and with another child on the way, he snapped. I am surprised that he didn't off himself afterwards. He may still. 🤨😪😪

  3. Rebecca Paredes

    He is sick man many be is not the father of the baby or he has girlfriend or she has boyfriend the TRUTH will come out …may the mama and the girls and the unborn baby souls rest in peace and the family prayers 😇😇😇

  4. Amethyst H.

    I wonder if he was on the new drugs that recently affected several people mindset.. or he is just a fucked up man who was hiding all his anger within while fake smiling. I would like to know what made him kill his wife and kids.. like if you are upset from your married life or whatever is then leave.

  5. Southern California Deplorable Henry Lindeman

    They have no laws protecting unborn babies because Colorado supports the Planned Parenthood death to children agenda
    Life Starts at the moment of conception, if it were up to you satanic Democrats you would be yanking these infants out just before they breach.
    It only remains unseen at the moment what you satanic (luciferian) freaks are doing with these children once you have excised them from the womb, but with what we see coming out with Spirit cooking one's mind can only Wonder, at the depravity of another's.
    may God save your soul because there is a place in Hell, actually a 'special place' for Those who commit atrocities against children.
    Repent while you can, and beg for forgiveness.
    For the day is near.

  6. The Asshole

    Sadly her video on her FB is going around about her telling him shes pregnant. But in that Video his voice sounded off. I didnt know about what happened until after I saw that video. But I just knew something was off. Once I read what he did I was just in shock

  7. T Nunez

    That is because evil resided in there home they were not good with the lord the kids were tho they arw in heaven im sure while he will sit in a cell till he dies and then the true hell begins for him i pray for him as well for that evil exist in side him .

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