President Donald Trump: ‘Find some collusion’

President Donald Trump: ‘Find some collusion’

Speaking at a rally in West Virginia hours after back-to-back legal blows in cases stemming from Robert Mueller’s investigation, President Donald Trump insisted his campaign did not collude with Russia.


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  1. Joshua Wilcox

    Still no evidence of Russian Collusion… sure, there was slime. Just not Russian slime. I am still laughing at how people are upset that the Russians exposed corruption in the DNC, you know, doing the fbi's job.

  2. linda davis

    I found the collusion, it's not President Trump and the Russians. It's a rouge band of evil Smurfs from the far reaches of the solar system. They are here at the command of the evil Democrats who only want to spread love and happiness across the Nation and take your guns and shit. Look out world they will stop at nothing with their fake news broadcasts from Mars Bernie Smurf is their leader, his plan is to impeach President Trump and Blame all of it on Russia and CNN. Lmfao

  3. Kenneth Hutchison

    …Trump Amerikka! A "collective" of frightened,
    truly mis-informed people!
    Your president is a thief and
    a consummate liar. And in
    truth, he is "selling" the country out– not making it
    great. The sad part is, deep
    down you sense the truth,
    but are afraid to face it!

  4. Cookieman

    You'll notice that the brainwashed America last Democrats look like deer in the headlights whenever you ask anyone to point to a single shred of evidence Trump committed any crimes… It's really astounding to see how they shrug off all the proven corruption of the DNC, Obama and the corrupted FBI, All of whom we know we're trying to influence the election, and still blame Trump… Pathetic really. There's a new infinity sitting in my driveway because of Trump's tax cuts and and booming economy where before I had tax penalties from the dirtbag Obama administration for not being able to afford the outrageous cost of medical coverage… 1700 a month for a plan that was garbage… Now it's, 610.oo again Thank you Mr. President. Yeah… Thank you.

  5. Steven G

    why are trumpers even afraid of him getting impeached anyways, we all know if he's brought to criminal trial he'll end up on house arrest at Mar A Lago or some other bullshit slap on the wrist and he'll be doing the rally circuit until he's just a old babbling moron (both cases are not that far away)

  6. John Romano

    Wow… Dont really care about trump… But where did the usa today "writers" learn basic philosophy? You know a+b=c and the relationship of a-c-b… There is your hint… Now please review and compare and contrast a proper response to this news story. Nobody cares what "news" has to say anymore. Their message is clear… Hype

  7. Ryan

    Fake news: news that is intended to deceive or disinform. This video is fake news. I think Trump is saying to find a collusion with Russia and this video shows the indictments of Manafort and Cohen in money laundering and hush money schemes – totally unrelated to a collusion with Russia..

    If Trump had colluded, he would not be President or atleast someone from his campaign would be indicted for it. That has not happened once. It's all smoke and mirrors to distract us from what's really going on..

  8. Leoncroi

    Hey, remember when that Ex-IGN editor said, "Find some evidence of me plagiarizing other articles in the past" and everyone found his entire career was built on plagiarizing?

    Yeah… I'm certain that THIS time it'll be different.

  9. MilkMulishaboy

    Because none of that shit has anything to do with Russian collusion. Paul Manafort laundered money 10yrs ago and Cohen violate campaign finance laws.(that's it) Even if he DID collude it's not illegal. Son of a biscuit-eater!

  10. Robert Kirk

    So 2 of his campaign staffers being convicted of FINANCIAL FRAUD, is the same thing as Colluding with the Russians to discredit Hitlery Clinton and to place Trump in office??? Uhh no. As you see from this dumb ass video ole Muller still hasn’t found any collusion. It’s time to move on now snowflakes. The “deplorables,” have won. And we keep winning. And yep you guessed it; we will continue to win. I will bet my house and savings account Trump wins re-election by an even larger margin. Any takers??

  11. King Richard

    The Electoral College elected Trump. And they cast their votes by hand!

    Therefore, no collusion and no Russians hacked the election to favor Trump, the Russians must have helped Hillary since she won the popular vote.

  12. єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM

    BANKS CONTROL THE WORLD and they used Trump as short lived a distraction to make us think we actually have a choice in who becomes president. When Trump is impeached and Pence takes over there'll be another false flag attack like 9/11 and it will usher in another bullshit war that will put us farther in debt and giving BANKS more power over us.

  13. 68 mopar

    YEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Here comes socialist America and bye bye freedom for all u freedom loving Americans! Are ya ready to be controlled by socialist rule? Huh? Are ya? Did ya grow up in a the baby boomers or gen x generations where we actually remembered what freedom was like and the choice to make decisions for ourselves? Now, NOWWWWWWWWW you're phones tapped, your computers monitored, your spending habits are watched, and even what YOU watch on t.v…….yes…….is watched. They know what to cater to your needs, advertise to your liking, and manipulate your very essence of being, and ya know what? U dont care. Like a bone tossed to a dog for simple distraction, u don't care cause ya set there on your little phones playing your apps, texting while driving, and living in your tunnel vision world to be too subjected to the control around you, the cameras watching you, and the tracking they're doing in their socialist rule. Like freedom? Ya stand for the national anthem? You're a brainwashed fool. Yeah. I said it. You…….are a brainwashed……..fool that's been handed the tool of distraction (your phone or bone to a dog) as the govt has gained controlled over you, and now Trump is your last line of defense to saving what last ounce of freedom you have. Ahhhhhhhh yes. I can smell that liberal left already moving into the White House and controlling your sorry asses. Well…ta-ta. Have fun when the mark of the beast comes for ya

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