President Trump visits the southern U.S.- Mexico border: President Trump is visiting the southern…

President Trump visits the southern U.S.- Mexico border: President Trump is visiting the southern…


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  1. Rob Donaldson

    Thank you Mr. President! We are determined, the demoKKkrats HATE America… On Monday, the Department of Justice informed the public that five members of a Mexican sex trafficking organization were sentenced to prison.  By the way, American taxpayers will be paying to feed, clothe and house these men for the duration of their incarceration.

  2. Maria Lopez

    Wow! I have never seen a president who works so hard every day for USA. At his age, he should be enjoying life in Hawaii like his predecessor. President Trump is a big and good example to everyone. He looks like David trying to defeat the Philistines and all others who oppose God. May God give him the wisdom of Jesus to choose right and good always! May the Lord God Almighty be always first in his life. Amen!!!

  3. Christi Philips

    FACTS established by many different sources all comport with each other.
    Overall, DHS etc in the fall that, tbased on Institute for Defense Analyses numbers, “successful illegal entries fell 91 percent between 2000 and 2016,” although DHS cautions that it's still updating and refining the methodology used to generate that estimate. Those figures largely comport with separate data sets, such as Customs and Border Protection's data on border apprehensions, showing a dramatic decrease in activity at the border over the past decade.

  4. Angela Patterson

    Hear the Rancher tell the truth on female human trafficking coyotes abused and assaulted. Disorienting the females in the brush. Many die and don't survive rattlesnakes and the elements. Let alone the torture. Build the wall give these brave men and women what technology they need to protect our country and lives.

  5. T Dutch

    For all those victims of the Trump shutdown. No free food and and shelter at mar a lago Trump house golf course or Golden Trump tower. That's a Trump and Master Vladimir Putin clan only privilege.
    Moscow Against Goofy America.

  6. Christi Philips

    Trump literally just called everyone of his supporters FOOLS when he said, "When during the campaign, I WOULD SAY 'Mexico is going to pay for it,' obviously, I NEVER SAID THIS and I never meant they're gonna write out a check, I said they're going to pay for it.
    Americans are not fools so I kindly implore Trump supporters to walk away from this crooked liar before you do become a genuine fool. 🗽🇺🇸

  7. مهند العبيدي

    He spent his entire campaign shouting with contempt toward the neighbouring country Mexico , “Mexico will pay for the wall” as his racist supporters cheered.
    Now he is back tracking and saying through a trade agreement and anyone who calls him out is “fake news “.
    None Americans look on and wonder, “ how the hell is this the President of the USA”.
    If this continues there will be no need for a wall or anything else, because no one will want to go to America.

  8. Ruby Ice

    I enjoyed watching Get Me Roger Stone on Netflix… trump is another show like the apprentice… blaaaaa … we need independent thinkers that will not watch the America Evil Comedy Show …and think it is true….

  9. Peg to Pencil

    In 2007, Senator Charles Schumer
    said: "As long as the Palestinians send terrorists onto school buses
    and to nightclubs to blow up people, Israel has no choice but to build
    the Security Wall."
    Yet,….for our security against terrorism…What's up with that Chucky? Respect the office of the President. Put federal employees back to work and fund the wall. It is a drop in the bucket as compared to how much you all give to foreign countries and negligent corporations.

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