Protesters chant outside Tucker Carlson’s home

Protesters chant outside Tucker Carlson’s home

A group of angry Antifa protestors gathered outside of Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson’s home on Wednesday evening.

The anti-fascists group, possibly associated with Smash Racism D.C., chanted “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night” outside of Carlson’s Washington home, according to Fox News. In a video posted online, the group can also be heard saying, “Racist scumbag, leave town!”

Carlson’s wife, Susie, was home alone at the time. He told Fox she locked herself into a pantry and called police.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” said the group broke his oak door and one person mentioned a pipe bomb, as heard on a security video.

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  1. brjema1

    I noticed none of the antifa video or the USA Today video show them breaking the door down and threatening her with the bomb both according to a police report actually happened. At least they were reported some of the news but it'd be nice if the actual reported all of the news. This is horrific these people should all be thrown in prison for this kind of bull crap this kind of terrorism is uncalled for regardless who's doing it

  2. BigSmartArmed

    Domestic terrorism. Next up – arson, firebombing, explosive devices, ambushes, etc. Same old leftist shit.

    It only worked every time before when it is not stopped cold in its tracked with extreme prejudice.

    Before WWI, Russian Empire was corrupted and gutted by "anarchist" revolutionaries, the very same ones that later morphed into Marxists, all the while keeping the same fake Jewish names.

  3. Devin Harp

    We need an honest discussion on what constitutes true racism. The word has been tossed around so much that the original definition has all been lost it seems and is now used to simply rally uninformed and unintelligent children who cannot think for themselves and look at different perspectives due to fear.

  4. christine mckinney

    When a Man's Family is placed in fear such as this,,,,all gloves are off!!!! If Democrat Leaders do not start speaking up against this nonsense,,,Some One Is Going To Get Killed !!!!!! Don't wait till this happens and then try pointing fingers elsewhere,,,,,it will be too late then !!!!!!

  5. John Blain

    I do this crazy thing where I don't watch his show ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It's sad that these people are not only forced at gun point to purchase televisions, sign up for cable packages and tune into Fox News 5 nights/week. THEY are the real victims here, not the woman who locked herself in her pantry thinking there was a home invasion about to happen.

    Congrats, "protestors," you just guaranteed that the November 8th episode of his show will be his highest rated ever, so you've essentially exposed his ideas to more people ON TOP of making him a sympathetic figure to many more people who have a wife and kids at home… But hey, I'm sure you convinced his wife and kids to vote democrat, so that's a consolation I guess…..

  6. Sum Krayzaso

    hahahah I'm sorry guys but history is against all of you old dying idiots. The future is now homies. Don't have a family if you feel that only their skin color deserves to be here. The other half of the country might not take kindly to you all trying to force us out of a place we OG owned you unthinking, un illuminated fools.
    You've only brought this on yourselves, and it will only get worse the more you try and fight it.

  7. Lawrence Fandel

    "The anti-fascists group…" yeah that seems like a totally legit description of a mob harassing and bullying people with a different political opinion….anti-fascists. At least they didn't beat anyone or set any fires like the more devout "anti-fascists": Antifa.

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