Satellite imagery shows drastic before and after Camp Fire

Satellite imagery shows drastic before and after Camp Fire

The wildfire that essentially destroyed the Northern California city of Paradise continued to burn Monday while search teams sifted through the ashes looking for more victims.

A total of 699 people, down from nearly 1,000 this weekend, were listed as missing Monday night, and Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea has urged area residents to see whether they or their friends or family members are on the list. Honea hopes the list will shrink quickly as residents check in to say they are safe.

Honea also said the death toll may never be known.

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  1. iStandRedeemedKJB

    Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

    For the Lord saith, "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

    Admit you're no good, admit you're a sinner.

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    There's more than just a fire going on here there's ask of Arson, it's amazing how the other California fires are in perfect alignment with the proposed rail way that they want to put in. One can only assume that enable Democrat is creating another oligarchy end of Monopoly at the cost of your lives so just sit back and let the fake news tell you it's all natural

  3. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

    ANOTHER ONE is Reader's Digest always had a section called "Laughter's The Best Medicine" and now it is "Laughter The Best Medicine" and I even called the publishers and editors offices to confirm it has always been the latter… Am I the only one that remembers it as LAUGHTER'S The Best Medicine?

  4. crazyboy

    i dont know if i recall this but when trump first started on his presidency didnt he mention he would like to start mining and clear some of the forest to bring jobs or some shit like that …damn i need to find that interview…. so many forest in our country but damn california always getting hit hard

  5. Kay DeLoach

    This does not look normal does it? Will they investigate this? I think this fire was planned and got out of control because of the lack of controlled burns in California forest. I read a guys tweet that said that the city of Paradise sat on top of a vary valuable mineral deposit but no one in the town wanted to sell their property.

  6. Biff Jerky

    To address all the comments that are raising suspicion about why the homes burned and most of the trees did not, I can explain and answer most of these questions. The Camp Fire spread and moved so fast, everything on the ground (houses, smaller foliage) burned quickly. The fire grew from a few acres in the morning to 55,000 acres 12 hours later. The fire was spread mainly by embers carried by the extreme winds blowing in through Jarbo Gap, which has only become a phenomenon in recent years. The trees mostly did not burn because they did not have any limbs close to ground that any embers could land on. The trees only really burn if the fire is slowly moving, like in a natural forest fire. Because the embers couldn’t reach the canopies of taller trees, and the trees were less dense than it would be in a forest, the tree canopy in Paradise renaibes mostly intact and still appears to be green. To address those who believe that this is a conspiracy or a setup of some sort: I live in Chico, a city that’s half an hour away from Paradise and I witnessed the fire and evacuees firsthand. My cousins lost their home and are staying with my family until they can buy an apartment. Over 50,000 people were forced from their homes. Over 14,000 homes were destroyed, around 18,000 structures in total destroyed, and entire cities obliterated. Nobody is profiting from this. The rise of fires in California is due to past logging in our forests, since it caused more undergrowth to grow in the cleared land; undergrowth is more flammable than trees. PG&E, our power company that is the provider for California, is also to blame, as a multitude of disastrous fires have been caused by them or their equipment, including the Camp Fire.

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