Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets candid about potty-training

Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets candid about potty-training

After announcing her bid for president, Senator Warren told the crowd at her rally a candid story about how she was forced to potty-train her daughter in just 5 days.

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  1. Chris M

    Q: What would be your plan for the trade deficit. Would you continue Trump's policies to reduce it or do something else?
    A: "Good question. You know, trade is a good thing. I remember when I was a youngster on the reservation. We used to trade with the white man all of the time. To help alleviate the problems, I decided to marry the white man and bring peace to our two peoples. I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. However, Thomas Jefferson turned and told me, 'You've done a good thing, Lizzy.'"

  2. Tinmania

    How can I get rid of the FACT that I lied about being an Indian? I mean , I did and so many other things for that matter but💡 potty training 🤗 potty training 🤗 potty training 😂 their so conditioned by the hate we’ve installed in them, it’ll work.

  3. Real Name

    Treat training your kid? Like a dog? I shit on the potty at seven months. Walked at nine months and shook my finger seriously at my great grandma when she made fun of me for sitting so serious on the potty. I didn't believe it but my mom has pictures as proof. Back then they took naked pictures of me also. I want to sue the baby-boomers generation for exploitation of my little winki. By the way now it's a shlong. No, I'm not showing you. Pervs.

  4. pew 927

    Once there was an old woman who lived in a teepee in the woods. She swore to everyone she was an Indian but the problem was she had blue eyes and blonde hair and didn't seem to be one. How do you know you are Indian asked the people? Oh my family said so. Then prove it said the people. So the old woman paid a witch Dr. to do magic to get proof. He filled a pot with herb's and smoke blew upward. The words formed fraud you nim wad. The people covered her with tar and feathers. Her teepee a blaze she ran off. Not a bit of shame in her wrinkled old hide. To be continued.

  5. David thanks

    It will be .000024% that she is even going to be the final 5 after spending millions of dollars. She will likely drop out of the race but it is possible that she continues to run even when she clearly is not going to be the favorite of the demacratic party. But she can spend other people's money no problem. She will just say she has the right to it as an American Indian. 😋

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