Virginia Democratic leaders mired in scandals

Virginia Democratic leaders mired in scandals

The top three Democrats in Virginia are embroiled in scandals; two over offensive racial depictions, and the other over sexual assault accusations.

Gov. Ralph Northam admitted wearing blackface in the 1980s. Then, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault, which he adamantly denies, stemming from a 2004 encounter. Finally, Attorney General Mark Herring admitted he, too, donned blackface in the 1980s.

“The last seven days have been tumultuous for our Commonwealth,” Cox said in a statement late Wednesday. “The revelations against and admissions by the leaders of the executive branch are disturbing.”

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  1. harry fare

    Will you weaselly finger pointers get off the black face thing you're going to ruin a guy's career for a blackface picture from years ago you want to ruin his career cuz you hate him won't to be honest about it?

  2. Rahul The cabana boy

    The new face of Demoncrat's led by to many fascist's to list.Here is what they are for. In their own word's
    Murder of human being's, NO border's, NO Law enforcement,NO prosperity,Free every thing for anybody,
    They have just Lost 2020 with this socialist crap.76% loved SOTU! 81% WANT late term murder banned.
    Stay the course extreme muslim's,radical lefty's and flailing dem's.Keep failing-We keep winning.
    God Bless AMERICA! Pres.Trump and We The People- United,Sane and Strong against socialism!

  3. PorkyPricklyPants

    The Opposition Media/Fake News and Fake journalists and The Radical Democrats are Covering Up For Two Klan Members and a Serial Rapist in Virginia…..Radical Democrats are the Party of Late Term Abortion, Slavery, KKK, Antifa, MS-13, BLM, High Taxes, Open Borders, Karl Marx/Communism, Lawlessness, Racism and Crime! "Always accuse your victim (or your adversary) of what you yourself are doing." “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty”

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