Watch Kanye West’s full speech with President Donald Trump

Watch Kanye West’s full speech with President Donald Trump

Kanye West gives a 10-minute monologue in the White House Oval Office during his visit with President Donald Trump and NFL legend Jim Brown.


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  1. John John

    Kanye West started talking about 13 amendment then he said we don't have 13 floors do we? And Donald Trump smirked like this idiot doesn't know 13 floors has nothing to do with the 13th Amendment. And what building doesn't have 13 floors is he talking about anyway?

  2. John John

    People say he's crazy cuz he's saying dumb stuff. People saying he's a genius because he sounds intelligent and he probably is. But a genius can say stupid stuff and a genius can talk about stuff he knows nothing about. For example

  3. Khalani 904

    this is the true history of the Democratic party: their party was born from SLAVERY (since Andrew Jackson) the Dems fought really hard to keep blacks enslaved, the Dems created Planned Parenthood to exterminate the negro population (words of Margaret Sanger…. she was also in the KKK), the Dems created the KKK/Jim Crow Laws, the Dems created the welfare program to control the Black community and seal the Black vote, the Dems manufacture racial tension for Black votes, look at Bill/Hillary Clinton 1994 Crime Bill (mass incarceration of Blacks and Latinos), today's message for the Dems is we'll give you Section 8/HUD, cash assistance, Medicaid, Food Stamps in exchange for your vote….. that is still SLAVERY! And Kanye was 100% correct that slavery was a choice……. look at slaves like Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver….. wake up ppl #WalkAway

  4. Mojo And Whiskey

    He obviously sees our President will actually DO something to help unlike his predecessors. Good job Kayne! Not many are given the opportunity to sit down with a President of the United States and discuss policy and reform. President Trump keeps the playing field fair and open for ideas and change. 🇺🇸
    God Bless our country. 😊🇺🇸
    MakeVirginiaRedAgain ❤️
    LockHerUp! ⚖️

  5. yaakcon

    He does not speak for African Americans. He does not represent African Americans. I am not aware where and when African Americans had asked him to go to the white house to speak for them. Why do people always assume that African Americans are represented by one person. If when MLK, who had a tremendous African American support, was alive there were other prominent leaders with different viewpoint like Malcom X. To think this idiot represents African American is an insult to the community with full of intelligent people. I am sick and tired seeing and hearing people degrade African American people. We are not as simple as you make us. We are on welfare on in prison or drug dealers who are so desperate and need government help and purdons. We work, study, and contribute to this country like any other community.

  6. Omaris Noel

    i can't believe i'm saying this but i agree with kanye. he brought up some good points. i'm all for more jobs and industry, mental health and art programs. neither men are perfect but i'm willing to live with that if they make this country better like they say they want to.

  7. MrJoeyBoombotz

    When Kanye attacked President Bush he entered a psychotic state (PTSD) that was resolved he ran into the arms of President Trump. He is the good father Kanye never had. He waits patiently for anyone that has the courage to not hate him. This is what the US has waited for 160 yrs.

  8. Gabrielle Rosson

    Kanye West needs to stay in his mansion and go bathe w all his money. Just because you’re black does not give you the right to speak for black people—or poor people—or anyone for that matter. Kanye isn’t living in the REAL WORLD, therefore he needs to stfu. His opinion is MEANINGLESS.

  9. Purpledancer

    and the winner is… I can hear it! KIM CUM GID YOUR HUZZBAN! Gotta laugh. I am still surprised that self wrapping DJT allowed KW to hug him……depending on where on the spectrum, aspies and ausses don't like to be touched. Could have been rehearsed? I say again….. didn't see secret service move in?????

  10. fatcatmonet

    Does he even know that he is all over the place and it's very hard to figure out what he's saying? It's hard to follow his thought process. I feel sorry for him. He seems like he could have underlying schizophrenia.

  11. WildwoodClaire1

    I'm tired of hearing Kanye West's obscene performance referred to as a sign of bi-polar disorder. As the president daily highlights, it is possible to be a massively ignorant, narcissistic blowhard without the excuse of mental illness.

  12. Peaches Iam

    Wow….Kanye was talking his ass off, while Trump looked like he was thinking about lunch. This was a rambling monologue NOT a conversation. Trumps response “that was quite something.”😂😂😂

    Superman, bipolar, imprisonment, amendments, iPlane 1, Saturday Night Live……and no solutions.🙄

  13. Sabrina Hicks

    For your dummies Trump is also getting his ties and shirt made in China…you talk a good game but you don't have an idea about what is really going on……Hitler was a good speaker and a genius too! This is the pefect example of kissing butt to get power and make deals for your company

  14. Arthur Name

    Pitiful.  This is the sad testament to the complete and undeniable failure of our public education system.  Kanye's absurd rant is filled with misused words, incorrect grammar, and results from a total lack of understanding of the Constitution, our history, and why our government was designed the way it was.  Then there's the fact that he goes to meet the President dressed the way he is, which is a sign of total disrespect and is completely inappropriate.  This is the result of an education system that praises people when they don't deserve it and which is afraid of telling people they're wrong and expecting the best.  If we don't stop this tragic disservice to our young people and start teaching ACTUAL American history, flush the PC pabulum out of our schools, and start implementing high expectations, this nation is OVER.

  15. Lourdes Bernard

    Trump is on his hero's journey….sure, so was Mussolini, Franco, and other Fascists. This is tragic on so many levels.
    I hope Kanye gets therapy. He is talking about love to the most unloving, narcissistic, unkind, uncivil POTUS we have ever had.

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