Where Babe Ruth Still Draws Fans (and Liquor, Cigars and Hot Dogs)

Where Babe Ruth Still Draws Fans (and Liquor, Cigars and Hot Dogs)


“I once put on a Boston hat on TV, and I got more hate letters from Yankee fans,” she said.

During the 2004 series between the Yankees and Red Sox, a fan ordered a pizza to be delivered to Ruth’s grave as a tribute, Mr. Garro recalled. The deliveryman reverently laid the pie at the grave.

“Sausage, peppers and onions — you could still see the steam coming out of the box,” Mr. Garro said. “The delivery guy genuflected and backed away slowly, never turned his back on the grave.”

Also during the series, a radio host from Boston showed up in a limousine.

“He pulls up and all these Budweiser cans come spilling out,” Mr. Garro said. “He wanted to camp out here the whole series. I had to tell him, ‘We can’t allow that. Other people are buried here.’”

Then there was the nun who traveled from New Hampshire to try to break the curse by delivering a special package of cookies.

“In Boston, they were selling these ‘Break the Curse’ molasses cookies, and the nun put them on the grave,” Mr. Garro said. “Now, we had two Yankee fans who used to visit the grave every day on their lunch hour, and they weren’t going to let those cookies stay up there and jinx the Yankees. But this nun just wouldn’t leave, so these two guys are calling their boss saying they’d be late getting back to work because there was a car accident and they were in traffic. They finally left, and they took the cookies.”

On Thursday, a handful of fans stopped by the grave. One of them, Ken Ronin, 63, an accountant, said that he lives nearby and that visiting the grave reminded him of seeing the likes of Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Whitey Ford play at Yankee Stadium.

“I come here every time the Yankees are in the playoffs,” Mr. Ronin said. “When you think of the Yankees, you think of Babe Ruth, and you can feel a certain closeness to him here.”


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