White woman falsely accuses crying black child of groping her

White woman falsely accuses crying black child of groping her

A video went viral after a white woman made a huge scene outside of a New York deli, saying a young boy grabbed her from behind. After the incident became racially charged, security footage revealed the truth about what really happened.

The woman later apologized after being confronted with security footage showing the boy had accidentally grazed her.

A video of the incident has been watched more than 5 million times and outraged viewers have dubbed the woman “Cornerstore Caroline,” the latest in a line of nicknames designed to shame people involved in alleged racial profiling incidents.

The video shows young children crying as the woman talks into the cellphone: “I was just sexually assaulted by a child,” she said on the video captured by Jason Littlejohn, who lives nearby the market.
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  1. Justin Ridge

    This is exactly why you can't just BELIEVE ALL SURVIVORS…. Unfortunately, I think this is a product of the Metoo Movement… Jumping to conclusions before evidence is presented… Im sure this woman felt really fuckn dumb after, and the fact that shes white and the boy is Black, this is gonna go to a whole different level. Shes in it now, whats really sad is she truly did believe that the boy groped her, but comes to find out it was his bag. So thats why i say its a product of Metoo an not so much race..

  2. Mike Jones

    The sad thing about this is that if this was the 1950s this little boy would have been dragged from his house at midnight and tortured, castrated, shot and then thrown in the Hudson River by a bunch of white men all because of a lie. So sad! She should be arrested

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